Neelam Johal is Burberry’s first ever Indian campaign model

Great to see lovely Neelam Johal representin’ the brown girls in the new SS14 Burberry campaign.

You’ll remember that the Burberry show was Neelam’s first ever catwalk show and spotting her on the runway was one of my highlights of LFW. Along with a load of up and coming music and acting talent, Models 1’s Neelam is seen giving great trench coat on a squishy velour couch in Chris Bailey’s front room and grinning from ear to ear as every new young Burberry face should. Talk about living the dream…

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One Response to Neelam Johal is Burberry’s first ever Indian campaign model

  1. Bollywood4ever says:

    So they finally hired a brown model, such a shame given that although Asians are the largest ethnic minorities we don’t have a lot more. Such a shame and one of the reasons I’m not so fashion crazy anymore

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