Nathalie Rich-Fernandez for Laurence Dacade

Day one of my Browns/Club Monaco styling extravaganza ended with me sneaking off next door to the Laurence Dacade press preview. On show were these show-stopping shoes, a special project of twelve* one-off, handpainted shoes by artist-photographer Nathalie Rich-Fernandez (left) in collaboration with Dacade.

While waiting to talk to Dacade, I exchanged a few words and theatrical hand signals (neither of us spoke the other’s language) with Rich-Fernandez, who it transpired has had her work featured on scarved by Hermes. Ahhh, suddenly the scarves I snapped at the Hermes SS11 press day seemed oh so familiar…!

*er, better make that eight

(Top image:

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  1. WOW WOW WOW, these are seriously gorgeous!! What stunning shoe-art! If only there was mens…

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