My Lovely Jean

On the subject of biker chic, I was rather taken by these cotton fleece and denim biker jackets at the London Fashion Week exhibition. They are both by My Lovely Jean, a new label from the same stable as American Retro and Zoes Tees. No London stockists as yet but as they’re not due instore til February 08, I’ll do some detective work and report back nearer the time.

Update! My Lovely Jean will be stocked by for ss08!

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12 Responses to My Lovely Jean

  1. WendyB says:


  2. alexgirl says:

    I love those. They look comfy and stylish–two of my favorite words!

    Thanks for watching my BACK TALK video. I worked really hard on it :)

  3. Regina and Renee says:

    awesome blog. cool jackets!!


  4. Kat says:

    They could be really cool actually, I like and very 70’s/80’s, which I love of course, as seen in my Debbie post!

    That musical sounds interesting! I love Blondie but i’ve never actually seen the original desperately seeking susan!

  5. muze1990 says:

    Like the first one, that color is just lovely!

  6. discothequechic says:

    Hmm, my first reaction was that I’m not keen, but they’re actually very interessssting.

    I’m keen to find a nice worn denim jacket ala Sevigny. Charity shopping is certainly the way to go about it.

    S xx

  7. hebden says:

    Please do report back, I’m in love with jacket #1.

  8. Diana @ So Fash'on says:

    I’m searching for the perfect biker jacket since forever. had no luck yet:(

  9. Dilemma says:

    Mmm that first jacket is perfection.

  10. Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) says:

    Love the first jacket especially
    I haven’t seen you around in ages!

  11. Bojana says:

    Uggggh, I LOVE the first !! Awesome cut

  12. Anonymous says:

    be careful the quality is pretty shit and way too expensive for what it is!

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