More bloggers at LFW

Who knew there were so many bloggers at LFW? I couldn’t stop checking out these two unsmiling dudes at the Jaeger London show and in the end I had to ask them if I could get a photo (and I really hate doing that). They said yes and the inevitable ‘what do you do’ ensued. Turned out they are designers and one of them is Jaiden James whose blog I have commented on many a time. This blogging thing is making the world smaller by the minute and is almost (almost) freakin’ me out!

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7 Responses to More bloggers at LFW

  1. enc says:

    You’ve got to love how blogging ties the world together.

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    Hahaha! You can’t always judge by appearances, eh?

  3. Make Do and Mend says:

    Loving the who’s wearing what and now the bloggers are taking the world over post!

  4. the fashion assistant says:

    oh i saw them today.

  5. Jaiden_James says:

    love the pic thanx 4 the comment guess i will be bumping into you some more over fashion week have fun xox

  6. Ondo Lady says:

    What can I say, bloggers rock!!

  7. Annmarie says:

    omg! i saw these guys at basso & brooke. they're fierce! :)

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