MoovBoot sheepskin-lined wellies

A UK festival in July is simply not complete without an hourly downpour and a pair of wellies welded to the feet. Hunters are the boot du jour for the fashion set, but MoovBoots are also worth investigating as they have very handy sheepskin linings. Handmade to follow the curves of the leg and foot, the boots also have built-in heat-reflective foil in the soles to keep feet warm in a storm. As someone who has permanently chilly feet and can think of nothing less fun than being cold and wet in a soggy field, these would be my festival footwear choice.

Prices from £100.00 – £300.00.

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6 Responses to MoovBoot sheepskin-lined wellies

  1. Rachel says:

    Sheepskin lined? I need a pair of these in my life!

  2. ati says:

    Great boots!

  3. Now, those are some very luxurious boots

  4. Archiex says:

    Wow, fantastic boots.. I love the third photo, same as the first right? but I love pink.. :)

  5. Rae Bridge says:

    WISH I had known about these previously, would have been utterly amazing after this weekend at Lovebox! The third pair down are my favourite!!

    Thanks for sharing!


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