Mon monogram

Even though it’s been overexposed in recent years (um, understatement much?), I’ve always liked the Louis Vuitton signature monogram. Last year, Louis Vuitton launched Mon Monogram, a service where you could have your own initials printed on top of the monogram. Now, you can do the process online. Of course I’m not going to get my own Mon Monogram LV but I had fun playing with the site. Pretty colours!

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8 Responses to Mon monogram

  1. teawithonesugarplease says:

    OMG that has my name written all over it literally – my fingers are itching to get on the web and start creating my own LV bag!

  2. Looking Fab in your forties says:

    Great idea but would cause a bit of a problem when you came to sell your old bags on ebay!

  3. jasmine says:

    That reminds me so much of Ralph Lauren monogrammed polo shirts, hah. I like the signature print as well, especially the patent leather- yum.

  4. Style Slicker says:

    your initials look sooo posh!

  5. britishbeautyblogger says:

    These days I tend to assume all LV I see is fake..unless it is carried by Victoria Beckham!

  6. Style Mews says:

    ok I agree, completely over exposed….. and yet. I mean I only buy staple bags that arent trendy and are a good leather that lasts for years so I can give them to my great grankiddies… so.. that then legitimises me having one of these-right?!?

  7. My New Favourite Thing says:

    I've always wanted the monogrammed LV luggage that Marc Jacobs did for The Darjeeling Limited:


  8. Anastasia and Duck says:

    Oh dear… I think the LV print is actually vile

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