Moan of the month

Following on from my I Wore It First post, Urban Outfitters are selling vintage-look tees of my faveourite cool 80s bands. Now I didn’t mind it when people (read LA junior celebs) wore vintage Metallica and Rolling Stones tees cos those are not ‘my’ bands but Run DMC and New Order? In mass quanities? Enough please!!

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9 Responses to Moan of the month

  1. Jennifer says:

    hahah yeah i know that’s when you know it’s out of control!

  2. SandDancer says:

    It annoyed me most with the Ramones. I once overhead a girl telling her friend that ‘they aren’t a real band. They’ve just been made up for t-shirt and bags’. If I was a violent person, I’d have knocked her out!

  3. Mash says:

    I love vintage Metallica and rolling stones tees <3

  4. Fashionyou's Molly says:

    Thanks for commenting!

  5. missx says:

    Run DMC?! argh. i saw a pair of jellies in urban today. angry. I also saw a pair of cheap plastic wayfarers. I had the exact same pair, but I got it as a prize at my school carnival. now i can’t wear it without looking stupid.

    The trends that I saw at Urban:
    - ripoff of the chloe paddington
    - ripoff of balenciaga keffiyeh, which i’ll admit balenciaga ripped off of palestinians
    - jellies (!)
    - wayfarers
    - doctor bags
    - so many metallic shoes my head spun

  6. Mrs Fashion says:

    Well it’s like that, and that’s the way it is. (Sorry – possibly my lamest attempt to make lyrics appropriate to a comment, ever).
    Mrs F x

  7. Model Citzen says:

    AGREED. make it stop. I hate it how everyone that likes “mad world” by gary jules, assumes it’s a new song… um hello!>? TEARS FOR FEARS DID IT FIRST! AND BETTER… that being said, i’m wearing my tears for fears shirt today!

  8. Emma says:

    I hate it when that happens. You must be pissed!

  9. the lipstick lady says:

    they’re doing… new order tees now?
    oh god
    oh no
    but new order was MY BAND (ok, we can share it)

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