Mmmm is for MARNI’s first fragrance

Please take a look at Marni ‘s first fragrance, complete with its USB stick-holding mascot doll, ‘Bambolina’. isn’t is the funnest thing ever? I love everything about this, from the design of the bottle (incorporating playful Marni signatures like curved edges, polka dots and the red bottle cap that closes with a lovely, audible click), to the scent itself which is a delicious, fresh-but-spicy blend of ginger, cardamom, cedarwood and black rose.

I think I’ll be alternating it with Jo Malone London’s Blackberry & Bay – it has a similar grown up ‘juiciness’. It comes out next month (exclusively at Harrods) along with a shower gel, body lotion and body creme.

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4 Responses to Mmmm is for MARNI’s first fragrance

  1. Sounds fab. Love the bottle and the dolly!

  2. mystyle says:

    Hi there! The ingredients sound lovely and the packaging and dolly are just too cute!

  3. Duck says:

    Ohhhh is it really good? I requested a sample because I generally love all things Marni, but no joy. I’ll have to wait until I see it in a store now!

  4. Disneyrollergirl says:

    Thanks for the comments. Duck, yes it’s very ‘more-ish’ and actually quite unisex I was told. I *might* let you sniff my neck next time I see you…

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