Micro-trend: The scarf-necklace

First there was the Alexia (020 8789 6752) cotton and crystal scarf-necklace in Grazia magazine’s fashion charts. Then I spotted another scarf-necklace hybrid yesterday at the press day for German jeweller Sabrina Dehoff. Finally, today, while being given a tour of The Shop At Bluebird, I spotted another scarf-slash-necklace by Maison Martin Margiela! You know what they say – ‘twice is a coincidence, thrice is a trend’…

Pics – top to bottom
Alexia, Sabrina Dehoff*, Maison Martin Margiela*
*Apologies for the lousy picture quality. I was actually taking a photo of Sabrina Dehoff’s wooden jewellery so her scarf-necklaces are a bit obscured, while the Margiela one is under glass.

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5 Responses to Micro-trend: The scarf-necklace

  1. Sal says:

    I’ve seen a couple of similar pieces on Etsy over the past months, too. A very interesting look, to be sure.

  2. Make Do and Mend says:

    Now this is an easy trend to imitate with plenty of stuff to hand – a poor student has to improvise not spend!
    PS do I have you to thank for my House of Masquerade event invite?

  3. Style Eyes says:

    I love this idea and I think I will defintely be giving it a go. So many different possibilities and saves me having to decide whether to wear a scarf or a necklace.

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