Margaret Howell’s limited edition satchels

I shouldn’t really be lusting after bags, having just taken delivery of a naughty little Celine tote, but what to do when PRs keep bombarding my inbox with treats like this? Margaret Howell‘s stealth satchels are beautifully made in England by Whitehouse Cox, a Midlands factory specialising in saddlery. The bags are made from vegetable tanned bridle leather which will soften and age with wear. Mmmm… *inhales dramatically*… you can just smell it, can’t you?

These bags are a limited edition, available in all stores in two sizes: £455 for the medium and £255 for the small.

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3 Responses to Margaret Howell’s limited edition satchels

  1. The Very Simon G says:

    Ohhh I could SO see you sporting all these!! Love them, and I'm not usually a fan of the satchel! x

  2. Maria & Sina says:

    love those bags sooo much!!

  3. That's Not My Age says:

    Lovely – and I think it's about time I bought a grown-up lady's handbag!

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