Madly in love with…

My new Calvin Klein sunnies! A special gift from Calvin Klein (the brand, not the man, obv), I’ll be wearing them with:
My black Helmut Lang 90s-style blazer, turn-up ankle-freezer Levi’s, man shoes, no socks and a Breton. I’m thinking Jean Seberg meets Warhol meets APC. Now if only this sun can hold out for a few more rays please…

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9 Responses to Madly in love with…

  1. Nataliexxx says:

    That look's hoTT

  2. Looking Fab in your forties says:

    If the sun sees your intended outfit I am sure it will stay out for you!

  3. WendyB says:

    That's always a good look!

  4. Make Do Style says:

    Fab and Breathless indeed!

  5. Kaustav says:

    So gamine!

  6. Sister Wolf says:

    A classic outfit that cannot be improved upon!

  7. pretty face says:

    Those jeans, from what I can see, look like such a fabulous wash.

    Tres jealous. And what, a gift from Calvin Klein himself?!? 😉

  8. etoilee8 says:

    This is my most absolute favourite type of outfit. Easy to pull off, always classic and cool.

  9. Pamcasso says:

    Loves it, just have to get the pixie cut now!

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