Kenzo macaron handbags? Oh my!

What is it about bloggers and macarons? Any opportunity to publish a rainbow of French delicacies and it just can’t be passed up. Actually I’m no different, so please indulge me with these colourful confections. And don’t miss Antonio Marras’s witty-pretty Macaron handbags for Kenzo…

Kenzo Macaron bags: Solid colour – £172; printed – £199; embroidered – £686. From Bruton Street London, W1 (020 7491 8469),

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8 Responses to Kenzo macaron handbags? Oh my!

  1. Oh my too delish for words, super yummy bags and macaroons.

  2. Sandy Joe says:

    WHOA. It’s about time they start making handbags more like pastries/treats.


  3. Lola says:

    Bloggers and mazaroons, bloggers and cupcakes, we’re all pretty predictable!! These are cute, although, I’m a little slow, I didn’t see the resemblance to a macaroon, the handbags stacked up gives it away though. If only they came in edible form, a giant macaroon, mmmm

  4. {gemmifer} says:

    I too would love a macaroon as big as these bags… Instead, I’ll console myself with the joyous news that Laudrée is opening a branch in NYC this summer–hooray!

  5. Well I’m obsessed with macaroons and I can’t even eat the things due to allergies! They’re just so damn appealing.

    Florrie x

  6. sophie harry says:

    I have to own one of those bags, I also really need to eat a macaroon right now. Thanks!

  7. Tabitha says:

    I am brimming with lust for the green one, and two pistachio macarons to nibble after purchasing the silky treat.

  8. Daisy Pol says:

    there are gorgeaous ! I love it !

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