Loving the Loewe, Mr V

What lovelier way to spend the first properly spring-like day of the year, than donning my new Stella McCartney sunglasses and mincing down to Mount Street for a gander at the just-opened Loewe store? Hosted by Stuart Vevers himself, of course. Over a strong coffee we got the low down on how he oversees store design but doesn’t get too involved in the nitty gritty (“I pretty much bow down to Peter Marino’s experience” he admits), how men’s bags are a growing category (“as long as you don’t call them manbags and keep the design understated”) and how Loewe’s popular Leather Icons line champions fashion for all by enlisting non-standard models as brand ambassadors. (For AW11 the impish Bip Ling has modelled the soft-as-silk zip-up tailored nappa leather jacket that you can see on the dummy behind Vevers.)

Following a genteel breakfast at the nearby Connaught Hotel where we gossiped about blogs and trash-fash telly (*cough* The Model Agency), we were sent on our way with beribboned Loewe goody bags. Inside: a Kelly green tasseled coin purse to partner my existing black leather one. How lovely, Loewe!

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2 Responses to Loving the Loewe, Mr V

  1. Khatija says:

    The red crocodile-esque skin ones look amazing-give me! I’m so excited about the weather, a whopping 16 degrees today, wearing short sleeves-yeaaaah! xxxx

  2. 00o00 says:

    and those menbags ihrg kgfgjkd!!!!
    i need to stay away from mount street

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