Love this…

Marina & the Diamonds single artwork channel’s Warhol’s Interview magazine covers – now this is pop art literally!


(On a side note, wouldn’t it be amazing if a mag like Harper’s Bazaar could initiate illustrated covers by contemporary artists. Britney by Elizabeth Peyton? Now that I would buy.)

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10 Responses to Love this…

  1. WendyB says:

    I like your idea for Bazaar!

  2. That's Not My Age says:

    Or how about Britney by Tracy Emin?

  3. missypixie says:

    Marina <3
    Fab post, love the Pop Art vibe going on.

  4. Make Do Style says:

    Nastassia Kinski now that is a forgotten person. Great pop art x

  5. EIGHT LONDON says:

    Yes, yes, yes…back in the days without cover lines like 'LOSE 10LBS IN 2 WEEKS' and 'HOW TO TRICK HIM INTO LOVING YOU'

    Covers have to sell, granted, but they should also be art. Sigh…

  6. layers&swathes says:

    Ooh what a great idea. A Peter Beard cover would be my dream…

  7. jasmine says:

    That is such a great idea :)

  8. Style Mews says:

    i like the makeup and the pop arty mix, also agree with the high profile mag doing it!

  9. July Stars says:

    Excellent post, notably since my husband is behind the Marina cover and was indeed inspired by his own extensive collection of old Interview magazines!
    I'm going to email him a link to your post…

  10. Style Scanner says:

    What a great idea, print mags should totally be exploiting all the things they can do that we bloggers can't! x

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