On Louis Vuitton and creativity in advertising

Louis-Vuitton-Fall-Winter-2014-Campaign-charlotte-gainsbourg 1

I’ve finally seen the much talked-about Louis Vuitton ‘series 1′ ad campaign on a printed page and my favourite images by far are the ones of Charlotte Gainsbourg by Annie Leibowitz. Which surprised me as I expected to be more excited by Juergen Teller and Bruce Weber. I love Gainsbourg shot in an artist’s studio setting (whose, I wonder?*) but mostly it’s the muted, moody lighting. It feels personal, warm and portrait-y where the others feel like fashion shoots.

On that note, here’s an excellent WWD article about the state of creativity and controversy in fashion advertising. It’s a long but though-provoking read for anyone who works in fashion or advertising.

*UPDATE: According to Vogue, Gainsbourg was shot at both Ellsworth Kelly’s Spencertown studio and Brice Marden’s place on the Hudson River…

Louis-Vuitton-Fall-Winter-2014-Campaign-charlotte-gainsbourg 2
Louis-Vuitton-Fall-Winter-2014-Campaign-charlotte-gainsbourg 3

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2 Responses to On Louis Vuitton and creativity in advertising

  1. Joy says:

    Great shots! They feel so intimate which is a rare thing for a fashion campaign. I’m going to bookmark the linked article and read it when I have more time <3


  2. Disneyrollergirl says:

    Thanks Joy!

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