Louis Vuitton: The classics

I’ve always had a soft spot for the classic Louis Vuitton monogram pochette. Alexa Chung carried hers at the recent opening of the Shanghai Maison and it looked very fresh in the sea of other show-offy It bags.

I found this tear from an old file of 90s magazine articles. The euro man-clutch looks almost minimalist today…

I also just discovered something called a Louis Vuitton ‘charm pen’ that you can hang a charm from. Quite ridiculous right? (But yeah, I want one…)

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2 Responses to Louis Vuitton: The classics

  1. picolin says:

    Although I have to admit myself as a bit of LV hater, lured by Yayoi Kusama collection and now the pen… I don’t think it is ridiculous! I’m just interested in which refill it takes (as a stationery geek).

  2. Andreas says:

    Have already seen that outfit and I just love the folded leopard skirt! The bag is beautiful,no doubt!

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