London Underground produces some top fashion merch

Andrew Bunney has done the seemingly impossible. That is, take a corporate, uncool brand, (albeit with a killer heritage) and turn out a highly desirable line of product. The result is Roundel, a collaboration with the London Underground, that presents T-shirts, jackets, shirts and even trainers as graphic product that will be as at home on the backs of tourists and cityproud Londoners as design-conscious youth. Bravo Mr Bunney!

As is the way with Bunney (who has his own line called British Remains, as well as being the go-to guy for a number of brands wanting fresh eyes on their product offer) every iota of detail has been thought out. I particularly like the T-shirts that have taken famous quotes and recreated them almost as Krugeresque works of art in the much-loved Johnston typeface.

The collection will be available on 14th December from Dover Street Market with prices from £80-£400. The 14th also sees the launch of a Nike London Underground trainer for Roundel (recognise this distinctive pattern from anywhere?). The Nike Air Max for Roundel will be specially unveiled in a pop-up shop in Piccadilly underground station – love, love, love this linking up of London and street wear iconography!

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4 Responses to London Underground produces some top fashion merch

  1. Ah, what an awesome collaboration. I’d totally wear the jacket. It kind of reminds me of a Members Only one my dad had back in the eighties. xx

  2. Disneyrollergirl says:

    @The Style Crusader – it’s spot on… Not cheap though!

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  4. 00o00 says:

    SOLD OUT AT DSM!!! I’m obvs two steps too late!

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