London Fashion Week/Marios Schwab: What the punters wore

Ripped tights
Shoe boots
Highwaist skinny trousers
Boyfriend jackets
Rolled-up trousers
Cone heels
Joan Burstein: Velvet embroidered flats
Carla Sozzani (was it she?): Black ballerina dress over crop leggings and flat pumps – classy!

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4 Responses to London Fashion Week/Marios Schwab: What the punters wore

  1. Fashion Addict says:

    Be amazing if it was carla sozzani!
    No socks and sandals then.

  2. pretty face says:

    Sort of uniform like, no?

  3. Annmarie says:

    im kicking myself that i missed that. temperley was amazing though today, as was john rocha. jaeger was pretty good too.

  4. enc says:

    Cone heels. That caught me by surprise. I expected all the rest, but cone heels? I must be out of the loop.

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