London Fashion Week SS14: Day 3 highlights

Preen 5

Sophisticated, clean-cut pieces in an electric colour palette and tessellated prints at Preen – accompanied by David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Forbidden Colours. And look at that neon light installation…

Preen-SS14 1
Preen-SS14 2
Preen-SS14 3
Preen-SS14 4

The Quentin Jones exhibition ‘The Panama Legacy’ at the Smythson flagship store. If you like collage, you need to see these portraits based on famous Panama diary users. On for a week…
Smythson-Quentin-Jones 1

Mulberry’s all-you-can-eat buffet at Claridges…

Margaret Howell’s tomboys in pristine white poplins and summer waterproofs, each ensemble punctuated with nan sandals and a jaunty straw hat…
Margaret-Howell-ss14 1
Margaret-Howell-ss14 2
Margaret-Howell-ss14 3

Paul Smith’s reopened double-sized store in Albemarle Street. The antiques and furniture destination store now also stocks menswear, womenswear and shoes. But it’s the vintage ceramics and porcelain thorn jewellery that I’m interested in, along with a Dieter Rams greatest hits display (yes, all the items are for sale)…
Paul-Smith-Albemarle 2
Paul-Smith-Albemarle 3

Topshop’s pastoral setting in the grounds of Regent’s University in Regent’s Park was enough to help us forget the miserable drip-drip outside. This season’s tech innovation comes from Chirp, a new start-up that sends data (words, pictures etc) using soundwaves – emitting an actual ‘chirp’ sound as it does so. Apparently, there was exclusive behind-the-scenes content available via the Chirp app, alas, no-one quite understood it and I couldn’t get the app to work (you can download it free here). But I’ll persevere!
topshop-Unique-ss14 1
topshop-Unique-ss14 2
topshop-Unique-ss14 3

[Margaret Howell images:, most other images taken with Leica D-Lux 6, thanks to Leica for the loan.]


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  1. Nadine says:

    i think i’ll probably be enjoying the food part only if i was there

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