London Fashion Week SS14: Day 2 highlights


What I wore: this Joseph mohair colour block jumper, on loan from with my favourite Joseph Queen trousers and John Moore boots. This jumper might never make it back to its press office rail…

Palmer Harding’s continued evolution of the white shirt. This time we’re treated to controlled volume and textured layers. I loved the cape details on their shirt dresses and the silky shirt with billowing sleeves that are ‘cuffed’ by a snap bracelet. Clever boys…
Palmer-Harding-ss14 2
Palmer-Harding-ss14 3

Fun casting at Phoebe English. The models started off in genteel poses or chatting amiably amongst each other but soon descended into full-on cheesy, thumbs-aloft mode. Turns out they weren’t models at all but friends of the designer. Great styling and colour palette…
Phoebe-English 1
Phoebe-English 2
Phoebe-English 3

A big-ass show for Whistles staged in the City’s imposing Heron Tower building. Is Whistles aiming at the US market? It felt like it from the tailored, upscale sportswear vibe, accessorised with flowerpot hats, posh pool slides and kooky sunnies. And of course, there had to be a leather dungaree in the mix…
Whistles-ss14 5
L1000444 copy
Whistles-ss14 4

Share a Coke with Ashish? Don’t mind if I do. These Coca-Cola logo-ed pieces are just brilliant and totally Ashish…

Mind-bending experimental textures on leathers and pleathers at J.W Anderson and my favourite piece, a Comme-style little red sweater that’s not really a sweater. All eyes are on him as the next Brit hope, following Christopher Kane’s success with Kering…
JW-Anderson 1
JW-Anderson 2
JW-Anderson 3

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4 Responses to London Fashion Week SS14: Day 2 highlights

  1. You look AWESOME Navaz! Great coverage as always x

  2. Haha, I took the exact same picture of my friend (and him of me) in front of the LOVE sign in London yesterday.

  3. Disneyrollergirl says:

    Thank you RFC!

    Oh great minds Angelique!

  4. Oh MAN. I really loved Ashish. I guess as a American that grew up in the 90s I’m a sucker for all things associated with American branding. Plus, I grew up in the Middle East so the the Arabic writing totally spoke to me. If I don’t get my hands on one of those sequined bags my life will not be complete. xx

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