London Fashion Week ss11 -Day 5 highlights

*Yang Du’s incredible oversized cartoon knits

*A full on feast at Stella McCartney for Adidas and a catch up with nail gal Sophy Robson (whose pop-up nail salon opens on Friday at Selfridges)

*Cowgirl sequins at Ashish

Burberry’s biker rebels

*Accessory designer Emmanuel Katsaros. His label, inspired by his Italian grandmother, explores the relationship between a woman and her handbag. His ss11 collection ‘Murder’ is based around classic pop shades of red, grey, beige and cobalt blue leather. The shapes are simple and graphic but the bags’ linings have (eek!) appliqued leather silhouettes of knives, guns and stiletto heels. Very Moschino-meets-Almodovar…

[Burberry pics:]

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3 Responses to London Fashion Week ss11 -Day 5 highlights

  1. Susan says:

    I met Yang Du as well and had a lovely chat – she's as curiously cute as her designs.

  2. danniekate says:

    i met miss yang too! she let me interview her, so lovely

  3. The Very Simon G says:

    OMG those oversized tees are AMAZING!! I need one, right away! Couldn't you SO picture me in one? x

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