London fashion Week aw10: Ftape/Volt/Swarovski Crystallized party

8 designers customised 8 Volt magazine covers using Swarovski Crystallized crystals. My favourites? Fred Butler, Manjit Deu and Craig Lawrence. Read all about it.





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4 Responses to London fashion Week aw10: Ftape/Volt/Swarovski Crystallized party

  1. Style Mews says:

    fred butler and manjit for me, the one covered with gold frillyness is a bit gareth pugh.. not that thats a bad thing! I do love his stuff.. but I'm going for the Butler piece!

  2. Marjorie says:

    love this post :)
    great blog!
    stop by some time xx

  3. SR@MyStyle says:

    Hi there-sounds like its been non-stop for you lately!!! Nice to meet you on Thursday night and enjoy the rest of LFW!

  4. Razzi says:

    The craig lawrence piece is insane!!

    Really cool blog! Thanks for sharing!
    Paddy☮ xx
    Click here to visit me at LITTLE RAZZI

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