London Fashion Week AW09/10: The Christopher Kane/Ten party

We jetissoned the PPQ party tickets when we saw the queue snaking around the block and then some. Instead we headed to Hanover Square for the Christopher Kane do which was much more civilised. Champagne, cocktails and food, this is the kind of party we like. Add to those the cheesy eighties disco remixes – “So tacky… I love it!” as my party pal kept exclaiming – and you have a perfect fashion night out.

What they wore: Chanel handbags, pointy shoes (the guys), denim jackets, Boy London, hats, blazers

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2 Responses to London Fashion Week AW09/10: The Christopher Kane/Ten party

  1. anna says:

    Did you take a picture of the two girls wearing BOY? I believe it was me and my friend – people take pictures and you never get to see them!

  2. Rollergirl says:

    Oh Anna, I can't remember! Quite possibly…!

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