London Fashion Week AW09/10: Paul Smith

Fairisle, socks and heels, woolly thigh highs, chintz, full skirts, khaki and fuchsia, OMG, that model’s walking on one heel – respect! Victorian lace, army jumpers, jodhpurs, necklaces as epaulettes

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2 Responses to London Fashion Week AW09/10: Paul Smith

  1. Make Do Style says:

    Oh yeah to Paul Smith – such understated elegance. I only wish I had the bank balance of my previous life!

    I didn’t make it to IFB’s party as I was quite hungry after the street talk session with Don Letts and Pauline Black (Selector!) and a bit over awed by the fact Mike Riley from Steel Pulse was in audience and the Faithless duo were sat next to me!

  2. Rollergirl says:

    Ooh a Don Letts talk? You lucky thing! I didn’t make the IFB party either. I was gutted but I bailed really early having had three late nights in a row.

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