Loewe Flamenco bag

When I first saw this ad on a computer screen the impact didn’t really come across, but in its rightful place on the shiny pages of Vogue, it jumped out. I love the colour combinations and cinematic lighting – although *yawn* does Mariacarla¬†have to be naked? Having seen these Flamenco bags up close, I can vouch for their real life fabulosity (sorry Bag Snob Tina, I have to disagree with you). The colour palette, the pillowy softness of the leather, the playful tassels, they’re all working for me… What do you think?

Loewe Flamenco bags at Matches

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5 Responses to Loewe Flamenco bag

  1. Wow, I did hover over this ad in Vogue but did’t realise how lovely the bags were!


  2. Friggin’ GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Chuck says:

    Ooh, those are much nicer off the advert!

  4. lex says:

    Eh. I’m kind of with Tina on these. Underwhelmed. A little pouffy and not very versatile.

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