Loewe and the gentlewoman effect

I love love love the fact that designers are really embracing ‘older women’ as fashion icons. I’m calling it the ‘gentlewoman‘ effect. Loewe creative director Stuart Vevers has created Loewe Leather Icons, an all-leather line of non-seasonal style staples for women and men. The womens collection includes a biker jacket, blazer, shift dress, trench coat, pencil skirt, blouson jacket, cropped jacket and skinny trousers. The capsule collection has been beautifully photographed by Daniel Jackson and features ‘models’ of all ages including 30+ Eleonora Bose and 40+ Tricia Ronane. Don’t they look HOT?

Also featured are designer/blogger Gala Gonzalez, model Louis Simonon and Another magazine’s Ben Cobb…

The collection is available from Harrods in July and I reckon will sell out in ooh, about ten seconds flat…

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2 Responses to Loewe and the gentlewoman effect

  1. That's Not My Age says:

    Obviously as I'm in this demographic, I like the 'gentlewoman' effect and I think we need to see more older people in adverts and editorial shoots. Very nice leather stuff from Loewe – maybe they'd like to send me a jacket to test drive?

  2. Make Do Style says:

    Lovely leather form Loewe. And hail the 'gentlewomen' effect.

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