L’Objet desk accessories

Right, fantasy desk accessory time. I’m totally going to start arranging vintage stamps , malachite candle holders and (faux) coral-handled magnifying glasses on my shabby chic desk like an eccentric professor. These rather refined goodies are from L’Objet, the home decor brand by Elad Yifrach. The former interior designer launched his Mediterranean-inspired luxury tabletop and accessories line nine years ago, with Bergdorf Goodman as his first client.

I had the pleasure of meeting Yifrach a few weeks ago at his Harrods concession where I perved quite shamelessly over the bookends and letter openers. “I’m getting an Assouline Books vibe from all this stuff, do you know their book stores?” I asked. “Yes Of course, I’m very good friends with Prosper Assouline,” he replied. “In fact, I supply them!” Ha! So that’s where I’ve seen them before…

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2 Responses to L’Objet desk accessories

  1. Gipsy Dharma says:

    These are some fashionable stuff to get on your desk aha :)

  2. Wendy says:

    Love writting and this stuff would be perfect for me, love it!thanks for the post

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