Lizzy Disney handbags

I really have no business lusting after handbags when I have more bags than I can possibly carry in this lifetime. But Lizzy Disney’s (great name!) envelope bags are worth getting in a tizzy about. I love their slim, angular proportions and rich neutral colour palette – black, camel, red. And each bag is hand made in this lovely leather that will age oh-so-beautifully.

The bags are available for £243 from Darkroom. Alas, you can’t buy them online but Darkroom is a really interesting concept store so well worth the trip to Lamb’s Conduit Street.

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One Response to Lizzy Disney handbags

  1. amanda carr says:

    Oh dear, I feel a covert handbag purchase coming on… will have to be smuggled into the house and I’ll have to pretend I’ve had it for years, but they look too good to miss. Ax

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