Like fash mags…?

…Then head to this blog. Blue will be selling off a whole load of i-Ds and Vogues v v soon…
Update: Actually, hold tight, it will be another ten days or so. Read the comments.

Another update: The mags go on sale next week (w/c Nov 30th). More details here


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3 Responses to Like fash mags…?

  1. Susan says:

    Sounds brilliant, though can't seem to locate details of the sale on this blog … would be great to have some more info.

  2. Rollergirl says:

    Hi Susan, I guess it's just a case of keeping an eye on the blog for when they reveal the info…

  3. blue says:

    Hi Rollergirl .
    I was wondering why my computer turned to melt down today!..thanks for the sweet mention
    I just am finishing a project at the moment.So hopefully by the end of next week i will have time to pop up the magazines for sale on my blog . It will be first come first served .( if you know what i mean!) Payable with paypal .

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