Library corner: The Faces of Fashion: Vogue Model

Vogue is launching a new book about models. Which I am looking forward to (it’a an A-Z on models past and present with Q & As and tons of pics – OMG) and it also gives me the opportunity to share one of my favourite model pics ever. Emma Balfour by David Sims. From W magazine think. I would love to buy a print of this…*

The Faces of Fashion: Vogue Model by Robin Derrick and Robin Muir, £45, from Oct 7th.

*Apologies for the crude cropping, it’s the only example of this pic I could find

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5 Responses to Library corner: The Faces of Fashion: Vogue Model

  1. layersandswathes says:

    Possibly one of my favourite images of all times..

    W in the 90s was editorially unbelievable. I'm hoping Tonchi can bring W back to those times!

  2. Rollergirl says:

    Did I get this pic from your blog? I think I did…!

  3. That's Not My Age says:

    I have a similar book called The Model as Muse which is the history of the 20th century model and is fab (there was an exhibition at the met in NY), looking forward to the Vogue book.

  4. frou says:

    I worked on that book! It is going to be amazing

  5. Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted says:

    Great picture! I was looking up some old pictures David did of Emma for an interview I've just done and I've always loved this one. Can't wait for the Vogue book either xx

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