Liberty x Apple tech-cessories

Just when will our craving for Liberty prints subside? Not this season, nor next. New from Liberty is a collaboration with Apple of a range of tech-cessories for iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. The collection is a nicely-balanced mix of embossed leather and ditsy floral canvas and the price-point is not too prohibitive. All Liberty London for Apple products go on sale from 30th November online or 1st December instore.

Ianthe embossed leather navy 13in Mac notebook sleeve, £100

Red calf leather iPhone case, £60

Poppy and daisy Liberty print canvas iPhone cover, £50

13 inch Edenham Liberty print canvas laptop case, £160

Meanwhile, for next spring, the Nike x Liberty machine continues to crank out collectible flower-strewn trainers. Here’s a taster from the Nike press days…

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11 Responses to Liberty x Apple tech-cessories

  1. Sarah Ann says:

    Oh wow, I want the poppy and daisy Liberty print canvas iphone cover……….just need an iphone now!

  2. Glowing Doll says:

    Can't have too much Liberty print!

    I guess this means Apple will be doing similar collaborations in the future.

  3. Chuck says:

    When they stop being gorgeous? Always have an eye out for the liberty dunks on ebay… x

  4. susie_bubble says:

    Definitely high time for yet ANOTHER addition to my Liberty x Nike family…

  5. 00o00 says:


  6. The Very Simon G says:

    I don't even have the iphone, but I think I might need the red cover, tres tres gorge!

  7. Fiona says:

    now I have a fully legitimate reason to get an iPhone, then! x

  8. StyleNonsense says:

    Those Trainers Are Doooope.

  9. Michelle Bobb-Parris says:

    Wow. I think I may actually need that laptop case at the top.

  10. That's Not My Age says:

    When are the Liberty/Nike boots available? I missed out last time, but it's not going to happen again!

  11. Rollergirl says:

    TNMA: I think the Nikes are due in March

    TVSG: I am lusting after the red phone case too!

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