LFW trend report AW13: Model mania at Topshop and Burberry

Being a catwalk model must be the best fun these days; you simply never know what you’re going to be asked to do. From Mulberry’s dogwalkers, to Matthew Williamson’s close-up Vine videos, to Topshop Unique’s model cams and Burberry’s #Beautybooth, there’s so much interactive fun to be had at the shows. Before I left for yesterday morning’s first show, I caught Topshop’s Google+ video of Cara Delevingne doing a circuit of the Topshop Unique runway with a vídeo cam stashed in her handbag. You get a (sort-of) model’s eye view of the runway, and the realisation of just how long a catwalk is – her circuit is a full 2 minutes (P.S, don’t miss P’trique’s pink-clad legs at 0.47 seconds).

Meanwhile, Burberry fought back yesterday afternoon with its own digital extravaganza involving live streaming, ‘smart personalisation’ and a backstage #BeautyBooth in which its supermodels (Karlie! Edie! Cara! Jourdan!) posed for photos to showcase the make-up looks pre-show, and tweeted them to fans. That’s mine above, from Karlie Kloss (I know!)…

The appetite for behind-the-scenes action is seemingly insatiable, so why not get the models more involved, especially when they’re becoming well known multi-media personalities with huge multi-platform fan bases…

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2 Responses to LFW trend report AW13: Model mania at Topshop and Burberry

  1. Anna says:

    Excellent catchup!. Jolly and lively pics.


  2. Dada says:

    Karlie Kloss is so pretty and i can’t believe up a sign with your website name, awesome !!!

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