LFW Top Five

London Fashion Week is a few days away but applying for show tickets is nearly as hard work as attending the shows themselves. Put it this way, there’s a two-page schedule for the parties alone! I’m most disappointed to find out that despite all the hype, Charles Anastase isn’t showing after all but will console myself with my top five must-attends.

Gareth Pugh
The hottest ticket as far as I’m concerned – if only for the sheer challenge of getting into the show. My proudest fashion moment to date was two seasons ago when I asked Hamish Bowles to take my picture in front of the catwalk with a vast sea of giant black balloons behind me (the first picture was a dud so I made him re-shoot). As if that wasn’t thrilling enough, Anna Wintour then stepped over my bag – darlings, I nearly wept with pride!

You can keep Giles, Christopher Kane and Jonathan Saunders, I’m all about the girly, streety collections – the stuff I actually wear. Luella’s show, while nothing ground breaking, will undoubtedly have the best models, music and accessories.

Not a show as such but a series of presentations. I like how Mulberry’s clothing lingers under the radar and I’ll be interested to see what’s on the agenda for SS08 before Katie Grand takes the reins.

Todd Lynn
I missed his last show and I’m sorely regretting it. This guy’s thing is rock-n-roll rebellion and androgyny – my two all-time classic looks. As the desgner responsible for clothing the likes of The Stones, U2 and PJ Harvey he should have some interesting punters in the front row.

Matthew Williamson
Purely for the home-coming spectacle and celeb count, this will be a show worth queuing for. I’m also a big fan of the Williamson colour palette – let there be brights!

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10 Responses to LFW Top Five

  1. riz says:

    ahhh, that’s so exciting. i think hamish bowles is one of the best dressed men in fashion. and since i’m a total anglophile, you’ll have to tell all …! oh and gareth pugh is a total badass.

  2. SheerLuxe says:

    And out of those it would have to be Luella for me…love it!

  3. Ondo Lady says:

    I am soo looking forward to this season’s LFW. If the surprisingly good weather holds out it will be amazing.

  4. Chic Looks says:

    Hope you get to post lots of pictures, fab blog!!

  5. V*Kstro says:

    OK, I must fly to London… like… 25 years ago!

    “…wept with pride!” for Ms. Wintour… funny!

  6. Flashy_Shades says:

    next time the wint steps over your belongings, you must photograph!

  7. Le Portillon says:

    How do you get tickets for the show? Through your blog or anything else?..

  8. Rollergirl says:

    Getting show tickets is harder than getting an OBE! Seriously,you have to apply to the PRs and there’s a huge pecking order of who gets tickets depending on who you work for. I’m freelance so I know certain PRS but others are incredibly picky, especially if they don’t know you.

  9. Allure says:

    I like Luella a lot too. Her collection was one of my favourites, but Williamson doesn’t appeal to me.

  10. Teresa says:

    Wintour stepped on your bag!? God I would have had a fashion orgasm right there!

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