LFW – Day three

Another day of running around and hitting the shows to ‘hoover up’ stories for The Daily. Betty Jackson was first where I snapped some cute little almost-flat shoes with fabric pompoms and tried not to stare at Peter Blake and Tracey Emin (two of my favourite artists). Mulberry at Claridges was a very classy affair but tempered with candy-coloured balloons to make it less formal and more fun. Clothes-wise is was very commercial. I’d say it’s all about those fringy boots…

Topshop Unique was also uber-commercial and very derivative. I saw shades of early Luella crossed with Bananarma and Courtney Love. There were so many ideas there though – XXXXL oversize mens shirts with the sleeves sliced off and fluoro spray paint as a print. And still the mega high heels continue. At Jasmine de Milo, I liked the simplicity of a long, eau de nil long-sleeved gown and the leather cocktail dresses with pockets. Why can’t all dresses have pockets? Tomorrow, the Americans arrive (by which I mostly mean, Anna W), although one American is here already. I made friends with Britt from Fashionista, who was also filing copy for The Daily. Britt loves London, having interned for Stella McCartney back in the day. I also caught up with a record number of bloggers including Frassy, Bish Shops, Magazine Machine, That’s Not My Age, Torfrocks. Wee Birdy, Aindrea, Susie Bubble, Rebekah Roy and Discotheque Confusion. Did I forget anyone? Crikey, no wonder I’m so zonked out and my eyes are closing as I type.

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12 Responses to LFW – Day three

  1. Anonymous says:

    They're awewsome!
    I love the fringe boots.
    Nice blog :)

  2. Make Do Style says:

    Love the fringe boots due to the colours!
    Now I'm starting to be envious of everyone at LFW due to my own enforced absence.

  3. Anonymous says:

    oh how i love LFW!!!

    wonder what the trend will be? NYFW trends were ruffles, tie-dye, and feathers..


  4. Top Bird @ Wee Birdy says:

    Can't believe you managed to post at all! Am just editing my pics now.xx

  5. The Coveted Mag says:

    Is it wrong to love flouro pink shoes? no of course not!

    We are a new indie Scottish fashion magazine. We have added you to our blog roll. Any chance you could do the same for us?


  6. All Women Stalker says:

    I am loving the pink shoes! Love the carousel, too.


  7. Nil says:

    OMG those shoes and the bags are so delicious I want them all!

  8. candyfusion Belt buckles says:

    yes why cant all dresses have pockets! interesting blog!!!

  9. Couture Cookie says:

    That is a great venue for a show and I love those fringe boots! I'm so glad fringes are still in style. :)

  10. I Heart Fashion says:

    I think I actually need the pink fluro bag…Love this blog by the way rollergirl…IHeartFashion2009.blogspot.com x

  11. FinkPinkBebe., says:

    The Purple & Pink Satchel Is Crazzy

  12. Formal shirts says:

    Some fantastic pieces here. Looks like a right good cat walk as well :)

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