Let’s hear it for the nice guy…

There’s something I just like about Kanye. He gets a bad rap sometimes (LV internship furore anyone?) but deep down he’s into design so I feel an affinity. He only properly registered on my radar when I saw his house featured in Harpers Bazaar – remember?

Anyway, a friend of mine who works for Wallpaper just sent me this email:

“Our photography director hung out with Kanye at our recent shoot and we filmed him for an upcoming video story on wallpaper.com. His people said he’s avail for 10 mins tops, but he ended up hanging out and being interviewed for ages – then he invited our people to his show and offered to pay for the new Eurostar tickets so they could stay in Paris!”

Sweet no?

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8 Responses to Let’s hear it for the nice guy…

  1. July Stars says:

    And his new album is absolutely brilliant … but Kanye as a fashion designer? Maybe not!

  2. Sal says:

    Actually, I love to hear that ANY talented celeb is sweet and friendly. But it’s great to hear that someone as periodically controversial as Kanye can be a big sweetie!

  3. Make Do Style says:

    Oh I love Kanye so I’ve ignored all his bad press, I’m going use this little story a lot!

  4. mermaid says:

    oh he’s certainly a big sweety inside!

  5. susie_bubble says:

    I’m trying to see if we can catch him at the menswear shows and grab a few words from him…

  6. Rollergirl says:

    Susie, surely that won’t be difficult? Um, maybe you could offer him some work experience in exchange…

  7. Sister Wolf says:

    How great to hear this! I’ve loved Kanye ever since he said on national TV that “Bush doesn’t care about black people.”

  8. July Stars says:

    Work experience with Susie Bubble? I can’t stop laughing … Brilliant idea!

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