Lego’s customisable adult watches chime with the times

By accident or clever engineering, Lego’s latest offering is right in tune with fashion right now. Its line of adult watches marry poppy primary colours with playful graphics, plus the current obsession with all things customisable and hackable.

Head to the Lego Watch website and you can choose from a number of different styles with customisable straps and bezels. The links of the watches click in and out of place and can be changed to different colours, while silicone straps can also be added.

For me the strongest are definitely the simplest in shades of red, yellow and blue. They instantly remind me of all the colour block accessories we’ve loved over the past few seasons. Yes, that includes Balenciaga’s Lego heels, Celine’s clutches and Raf Simon’s ‘ski boot’ shoes…

Accessories aside, Lego is really a very clever company to watch right now, embracing adults and kids alike to take its simplistic brick-building ideas into the future. Even Douglas Coupland has thoughts on the subject…

Lego’s adult watches start at £75. They’re currently available from until they roll them out to wholesalers later in the year.

[Image credits: Lego;; Tommy Ton; Celine; Elle; Raf Simons]

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3 Responses to Lego’s customisable adult watches chime with the times

  1. Bowie says:

    I’m so inspired by your post! I especially love those Nike Air Max shoes and the Celine campaign.

  2. peri arenas says:

    who did the mickey and minnie mouse jacket

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