Learning to love you more -Photograph a significant outfit

I’ve blogged about Miranda July’s art assignment website, Learning To Love You More before. When I made my encouraging banner I had no idea it would end up in an exhibition in Middlesborough, however that’s what happened. The fab Nicky Peacock curated a huge LTLYM exhibition using all different assignments from the website. You can see the pics here including my ‘Worry About It Later’ banner adorning the exit. 

There’s a chance there may be an opportunity to see the exhibition again, I’ll let you know when it’s confirmed. In the meantime, I love this assignment called ‘photograph a significant outfit’. The task is to “remember exactly what you were wearing during a recent significant moment (something that happened in the last six months). Lay out what you were wearing on the floor, as if you are dressing an invisible, flat person. Stand on a chair or table and photograph the clothes from directly above. Send in the photo, along with the importance of the day.”

The following photos are taken from the site. As some of you enjoyed the Photographer’s Gallery’s Can’t Live Without It exhibition, this is in a similar vein. The point isn’t what’s in the outfit, it’s more about the emotional significance of the event. The stories that accompany the pictures are well worth reading and some are absolutely heart rending. But the pictures are utterly charming as well. And an interesting way to photograph outfits. I love it!

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9 Responses to Learning to love you more -Photograph a significant outfit

  1. Libby says:

    I used to do that the first day of school every year = )

  2. miss cavendish says:

    I love both of these ideas. Your banner is so cheerful that I think I’ll make one too. And I especially like your message!

  3. Sister Wolf says:

    Awwww! That is adorable. Congrats on your banner, too! Thank you for loving Miranda July and bringing her to everyone’s attention. xo

  4. Sal says:

    Marvelous! I love seeing the tights laid out all floppy. And the hugging couple is super sweet.

    Congrats on some great recognition for your lovely banner. It really is sound advice.

  5. laia. says:

    have you seen the book? its quite lovely

  6. Angie says:

    I’ve just recently learned of this whole “LTLYB” Revolution. I just love it. That’s so neat that you’re participating!

  7. discothequechic says:

    what a fantastic idea! amd the banner is great.
    i’m always hearing about miranda july and as I didn’t really enjoy ‘me and you and everyone we know’ i’d kind of dismissed her, but seems i may have to reconsider..

  8. enc says:

    Congratulations on the recognition for your banner. I love it.

    The clothing assignment is cool! The dog in the one photo is very cute.

  9. Helen-LG says:

    Those photos are great, I might have to have a try myself..

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