Lazy Oaf x Underground shoes

News just in! Lazy Oaf has designed its first pair of shoes and aren’t they delightful? A special collaboration with Underground Shoes, these ‘Minnie Creepers’ are limited edition and available from the Fouberts Place store or online (£85).

And for today only, there’s 20% off in the store which means you can also get a bargain on their bright and beautiful clothes, accessories and stationery. Get in!

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5 Responses to Lazy Oaf x Underground shoes

  1. Chuck says:

    I saw these on KoS – they are really amazing/mad…

  2. A La Mode says:

    Oooh yum, I love that girls look.

  3. Glowing Doll says:

    They are indeed adorable.

  4. The Very Simon G says:

    Thought of you when I got this email through! They are fab aren't they? Love all from Lazy Oaf!

  5. Aida Apple says:

    AHYES! i saw these on underground! AMAZING

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