Last day of the Harrods sale

Taking these pictures yesterday it really made me aware of the great people-watching that can pass you by if you’re not on the look-out. There must have been hundreds of photo-ops that I missed purely because my camera couldn’t keep up with my eyes. Using a tiny digital camera means that it’s really easy to take photos in places like Harrods where photography isn’t allowed. And shooting from the waist or chest meant that the punters weren’t aware either. (I did feel a bit weird taking pics of children though. Isn’t that like, illegal or something?)

(PS: Those are Valextra bags up there. I never thought I’d see a 75% off sign next to them in my lifetime!)

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11 Responses to Last day of the Harrods sale

  1. miss milki says:

    Hmm I think maybe taking photos of kids is off limits – but then again I think that one of the kid in the Tigger suit is brilliant – my favourite of the series. (as long as the parents don’t find out you’re probably ok!)

  2. pretty face says:

    You rebel, you.

  3. Make Do Style says:

    What fab images! Really it captures the essensce of a late afternoon shop. Gosh photos of children are fine in the context of public spaces otherwise what hope do we have – speaking as a mother. If it was a park and you were a guy on a park bench maybe there would be cause for concern!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cute shot, and yep if you intend to publish (in print or digitally) images of minors you need the consent of the their parent or carers – usually in writing. I work in govt publishing and they are uptight about it!

  5. Rollergirl says:

    Wow, thanks for the tip-off Anon. No more kiddy pix from me then…

  6. Make Do Style says:

    BTW – oh ref govt publishing there is no hope then, I worry about too much state control, but that’s not the reason I popped back – were you at the LCF talk, was I so rubbish I didn’t spot you in the crowd, I was a girly swot at the front with my teacher!

  7. Rollergirl says:

    Make Do, I was about two rows behind you…far left against the wall. Ah well, next time eh!

  8. Top Bird says:

    Super stealthy, you! xx

  9. Sister Wolf says:

    Great photos. Don’t stop taking them!

  10. Sarah Edwina Rose says:

    Brilliant idea! What camera did you use? I often wish I had photographing eyes to capture the weird and pretty moments of London life

  11. Liberty London Girl says:

    Brilliant! Great eye sweetheart LLGxx

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