After just one day in L.A. on my Lucozade adventure, I could totally get why the Brits are so taken with it. Cloudless skies on repeat and being driven everywhere – what’s not to love? It was decided to spend the morning at the Getty Centre – a place I had no idea existed. When I think of L.A. I think rollerskating, Hollywood blockbusters and Paris Hilton. Art, architecture and horticulture? Not so much. But the Meier-designed Getty Centre was a beautiful, modernist art campus housing the J. Paul Getty museum, research centres and Henry Moore-dotted sculpture gardens. Blissful.

And then for the really exciting bit. The afternoon was spent at Venice Beach watching the filming of the Lucozade Sport Lite ad and snooping around the set. What can I say? Only in La La Land will you find cameramen on skateboards and decaf coffee, vitamins and dental floss on the catering tables…

Director Ben Newman was hired for Lucozade, having worked on the brilliant Gold Dust video for DJ Fresh who also did the track ‘Louder’ for the ad. (Not that I have a clue who DJ Fresh is…should I?) As with Newman’s previous work, the production team worked hard to cast real L.A. skaters for the shoot. These guys did all their own stunts in the ad and yes, that is skateboarder Killian Martin making a cameo appearance.

The ad was choreographed by the adorable Tyrell (although in typical L.A style, he’s not merely a choreographer but an actor-choreographer-dancer-writer) who you see doing the incredible spin at the end of the ad. Here’s what he had to say about his passion for rollerskating, the L.A skate scene and why he prefers quads to blades…

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8 Responses to THE L.A. DIARIES PART 2

  1. I got back from LA on Wednesday last week and I am still crying about leaving it behind… It feels good to see all this. x

  2. VSP says:

    Great post, AGAIN. So into this surf/rollerblade summer LA street culture right now…used to live there in the 80’s and had color block shorts and pompoms on my white rollerblades…this post makes me want to go back to Venice beach …thanks!!

  3. HA! Now you know why I love it out there so much. I often go to the Getty just to sit in the outdoor cafe and write…LLGxx

    • A Hadlden-Evans says:

      Spot on Ad Visited Venice beach resently for a very different reason I’ll never forget it because of Drew Rosenberg Top Man.
      Anthony UK

  4. Lola says:

    I want to move there! Sounds like you’re having an awesome time X

  5. Disneyrollergirl says:

    ooh VSP, I want rollerskates with pompoms on!

  6. Sounds like you had an amazing time, very appreciative of in-depth food/museum/vintage emporium descriptions. The Getty museum looks incredible-in fact this whole post is doing nothing to help my current LA fixation. Have you read ? Also while I’m rambling, would you mind sharing which camera you used for the black and white photographs? They look great and I’m considering options for a new camera..


  7. Disneyrollergirl says:

    Thanks for all the comment. Stevie, I just used my Lumix on the B&W setting. Not bad eh?

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