KTZ for Kokon To Zai

Kokon To Zai is one of London’s well kept secrets that has been happily residing In Greek Street for years and is impossible to resist on a whizz or a stroll through Soho. There is always something new to see and last week had a whole lot more to look at as they held their press day for SS09. The shop is owned by Macedonian designer Marjan Pejoski, he of the rude Disney graphics of many collections ago and a particularly decadent crystal encrusted minaudiere that I photographed for Tank magazine once and always coveted yet could never afford.

I was shown around by the gregarious but frankly bonkers Igor Pacemski (fellow Macedonian and BFF of Pejoski) who also designs the beautiful Yes Master lingerie range. I loved the print pyjamas from Pejoski’s own label – please can you scale them down to lady-sizes Mr P? – and the elaborate ruffled tops and blouses and pastel sequin frocks (pastels don’t work for me usually but they do if they’re zhuzhed up in sequins). My favourite discovery was the new KTZ range which will be sold in TopShop (is there any designer not being sold in TopShop at the mo?) next year. Trend alert: Check out these mental printed tights-cum-boots, or as Grazia would call them…’toots’!

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7 Responses to KTZ for Kokon To Zai

  1. enc says:

    Holy cow those are zany!

    All the prints are.

  2. torberry says:

    Why bother with tights and shoes when you can combine the two? Its lazy fashion gone wrong and I love it! x

  3. prettyneons says:

    Hello’s, I’d probably try my very best to wear every piece! Be a walking colouring book thats what I say! Brilliant. X

  4. rebeca's says:

    a fantastic blog!!!

  5. jennine says:

    i love mp… you’re lucky to see these in real life… i’m just dying to!

  6. Top Bird says:

    Sounds like a crazy/cool shop, must check it out.

    Did you make it to H&M this afternoon? Anything left??? I'm stuck at home feeling very sorry for myself. xx

  7. SOS! says:

    those boots are so fantastic. i love the KTZ designs. definite addition to my ever-increasing christmas wishlist.
    love SOS

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