On K-Stew and her Cartier Juste Un Clou

You may have seen the pictures of Kristen Stewart looking very grown up in Victoria Beckham’s tangerine dress and Louboutin Decollettes. But did you spot the bracelet? Of late, Stewart has switched up her grungy Converse-with-everything image for something way more pap-worthy, right down to the smallest detail. In this case, she’s become surgically attached to Cartier’s iconic Juste Un Clou (‘just a nail’) bracelet, the  gold ‘bent nail’ that was reissued earlier this year from the depths of the Cartier vaults. Juste Un Clou is one of my favourite Cartier pieces, simple yet eye-catching, with unisex appeal (Cartier’s UK executive chairman Arnaud Bamberger wears two together with his business suits).

Alas, these beauties don’t come cheap, they start at around £4,500 and go up to £24,000 for the extra chunky version. For those without K-Stew’s millions or a Hollywood stylist on speed-dial, it’s worth stalking resale sites like eBay and Vestiaire Collective for pre-owned bracelets that cost a whisker less.

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3 Responses to On K-Stew and her Cartier Juste Un Clou

  1. Some fab looking outfits on show here. Thanks for sharing them with us.The rings look similar to ones my parents bought in Knotts Berry Farm years ago. They were made from Nails bent around a bar. probably cost a lot less :-)

  2. Camellia says:

    It’s Juste “Un” Clou,not “En”.

  3. Disneyrollergirl says:

    Ah merde, thanks Camellia – all corrected!

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