Kila Kitu

Isn’t it funny what you find on Twitter? I was searching for my friend @kilu_kitu but typed in @Kilakitu. Which led me to these* magnificent Kenyan cowboy shirts. Western shirts upcycled from secondhand African clothes… aren’t they the best? Is anyone else seeing shades of Comme and Dries?

*Alas, there’s doesn’t seem to be much activity on this site so I’m not sure if they’re still trading…
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3 Responses to Kila Kitu

  1. Anastasia and Duck says:

    I am DEFNITELY seeing Rei coming through these all the way!!


  2. The Very Simon G says:

    OMG I need all of them!! They're so Dolly inspired. Do you know where I can get my mitts on one? x

  3. Rollergirl says:

    The Very Simon G: Alas no, I emailed them and heard NOTHING back :(

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