Just in from Rupert Sanderson

“Hold onto your handbags, put on your flats and start running‚Ķ. The Rupert Sanderson Factory Sale is back!!!”

Sadly, by the time this kicks off I’ll be pounding the pavements of NYC in my Converse (on my must-visit list, visit the Joe Strummer mural, the Colette/Gap store, Dashwood Books and Another Man’s Treasure). But prices start at ¬£50 so if you’re around and in need of some fierce foot candy, this is the place to go…

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6 Responses to Just in from Rupert Sanderson

  1. choubelle says:

    those boots are flat on my face fabulous.
    Literally. Not sure I could keep my balance in them, but I’d wear ’em anyway!

    No worries about the link swapping! I totally understand how being overwhelmed with lots of things to do is!!



  2. Style-Rocker says:

    cool blog!!!

  3. miss cavendish says:

    Too cruel. Wish I were there.

  4. susie_bubble says:

    Goddamnit…I’m in Paris this weekend….do nab something amazing…

  5. Helen-LG says:

    At first glance I thought whoever took the photograph had forgotten to remove the cardboard from inside the boots first! On closer inspection though I really quite like them! Gutted I miss the sale – was in bed recovering from a chest infection all weekend, my feet may never forgive me!

    Hope you’re having a lovely time in NYC!

  6. the fashion assistant says:

    i love rupert sanderson’s shoes, we use them alot in shoots!!!

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