Johnny Borrell is Burberryed up

Is Christopher Bailey a frustrated rock star? How else to explain his out-of-control obsession with Brit indie music? Why, even the hold music for Burberry HQ consists of warbling Bailey-approved Brit bands – talk about attention to detail.

From the look of this image of Johnny Borrell recording for Burberry, I’d say something’s definitely up – *gasp* – surely not a Burberry-sponsored stab at the Christmas number one? Say it ain’t so (although Borrell and Edie Campbell in a Burberry-wardrobed, Testino-directed video would be damn cute)…

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3 Responses to Johnny Borrell is Burberryed up

  1. Joel says:

    haha! I cnat wait to see this. I just wish George was still part of, cute, noon?

  2. Chuck says:

    Eugh, Johnny Borrel. Why Mr. Baileym why??

  3. Little Scribbler says:

    It must be said, for a man who designs such gorgeous clothing, he has truly and utterly shite taste in music! Haha!

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