Jofama X Edwin

Brand collaborations are the norm these days but boy do I cringe when some get it wrong! A great collaboration should make sense; the fit should be logical, not laboured and should retain the essence of both/all parties. Here’s a great example of a collaboration that works. Swedish leather brand Jofama has a long history in making aviator and biker jackets and has tapped Edwin to recreate one of its classics with an updated twist here and there. Said twists resulting in ‘The Airwoman’ jacket include a lush red silk lining, vintage rivets and a removable collar. Easy.

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5 Responses to Jofama X Edwin

  1. Madame G says:

    That’s a very lush jacket. Perfect collaboration x

  2. Isabelle says:

    Gorgeous jacket, looks vintage and worn-in already.

  3. Amy Q says:

    I won’t rest until this jacket is on my back! Looks totally perfect.


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