Jo Malone London’s pop art Red Roses

What do we think of the new limited edition Jo Malone London Red Roses bottle? Created by new(ish) style editor, Charlotte Stockdale, it has a neon pink pop art-esque paint drip on the bottle which is certainly striking and a departure from your average Jo Malone London bottle design.

I’m a bit divided on this one. Much as I love Charlotte Stockdale, the classicist in me secretly prefers the traditional elegance of Jo Malone London. But I suspect the brand is keen to broaden its reach to younger (or ‘cooler’) customers and this is a good start. I will add that having seen the bottle in the flesh, it’s growing on me – the neon is a really bold contrast to the trademark JML cream and black.

What do you think?

The limited edition (only 300 bottles), hand numbered Jo Malone Red Roses cologne (£120) will be available from Selfridges from 1st April.

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3 Responses to Jo Malone London’s pop art Red Roses

  1. Is this for Red Nose Day? That was definitely my first thought. I think I prefer the traditional Jo Malone bottles.

  2. Disneyrollergirl says:

    Oh no Beautiful Things, I don’t think it was for red nose day… I see your thought process though. I actually think it’s meant to be more ‘streety graffiti’ than pop art but it’s quite a big departure from trad Jo Malone!

  3. I like it, it’s so quirky! I guess it really matters what’s in the bottle but I do love the whole limited edition thing.

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