Jo Malone London Blooms: Iris & Lady Moore

I’m noticing my choice of fragrance changing as I get older; it’s really weird. I never used to like powdery or rose-scented fragrances and now I’m all over them. My default Spring scents are Maison Martin Margiela Untitled and Chanel Jersey, but I’ve added Jo Malone’s new limited edited cologne to that. From the London Blooms trio, Iris & Lady Moore is a powdery fragrance that’s so clean and subtle, it’s nice to put on in the morning and just catch a gentle whiff off during the day. The bottles have been decorated with botanical drawings, a first for Jo Malone whose packaging is usually so minimalist. Talking of which, this month Jo Malone is switching up its home packaging, reversing it to a more unisex black background. A clever ploy that suggests they might be trying to capture more of the male market?

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2 Responses to Jo Malone London Blooms: Iris & Lady Moore

  1. I have the same perfume-issue and I was surprised because until recently I mostly liked white flowers bouquets or fresh scents with hints of lemon. When I tried ‘Portrait of A Lady’ by Frederic Malle I thought I found the perfect rose: classic and seductive at the same time, and maybe a little bit too much…so I opted for more subtle rose notes in the Eau Particuliere by Diptyque.

  2. Lola says:

    I tried Jo Malone recently for the first time, after reading A LOT of reviews on the wildbluebell scent on various blogs and it’s a scent that I liked instantly-which is weird because I normally cannot relate to a scent straight away, it’s only when i get home and i smell it on me again that i make up my mind. Now, I (like you) am all over Jo Malone, I like the famous rose scent too. I also LOVED the advertising for the wildbluebell scent, those rabbits were just adorable, but I wonder if I would have been swayed by adverts alone? I think reviews helped a great deal xx

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