Jo Malone X Calm & Collected X Selfridges #beautyproject

Here’s a great three-way collab that marries experiential retail with personalisation and a hand crafted approach to design. Last week, Jo Malone London invited me to experience its pop-up screen printing studio hosted by creative collective Calm & Collected. The arty foursome have designed special graphic labels for five of Jo Malone London’s favourite scents (yay, Pomegranate Noir is in there!) and as an added bonus the guys are screen-printing complementary boxes to go with.

At the event we were greeted with stunning mood boards and ‘work in progress’ artwork as well as a table of inspiration (stencils, scrapbooks, illustrations, New Order’s Power, Corruption & Lies album cover – yep it was DRG heaven…). But the funnest bit was having a go at choosing our colours and printing our own box. OK I lie, I didn’t have the nerve to print my box (it’s an expensive business, a botched up box is money down the drain) but I loved watching the process. The handmade element definitely adds something to the finished effect.

This collaboration is a joint effort with Selfridges as part of its just-launched Beauty Project. For the next six weeks, the Calm & Collected team will install their screen printing tables at Jo Malone London’s Selfridges counters in London, Birmingham and Manchester. All the info can be found on the Jo Malone London Facebook page here or you can shop online here.

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