Jim Jarmusch X Uniqlo SS11

Uniqlo is launching a line of Jim Jarmusch T-shirts for its UT line. What a fine excuse to put up some of my favourite Jarmusch images…

Jim Jarmusch tees available in the UK from Monday.

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2 Responses to Jim Jarmusch X Uniqlo SS11

  1. jill (dot) says:

    JIM JARMUSCH!! Love his films. I remember seeing one back in NY with these two really cool (male) friends and we found a record store after and all bought the single ‘I Put a Spell on You': the sound track to whatever film that was. It was the 3rd and last shot. Now I’ve got to rent it from LoveFilms.

    Uniqlo just keeps going from strength to strength. I love their +J collection.

    Lovely meeting you, too. And thanks for the tip off re: Sunday Girl! x

  2. María says:

    It sounds promising.

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